Circle of Life Event Center

Anderson-Burris Funeral Home & Crematory is proud to offer a reception area, conveniently located on-site, just north of the funeral home. Whether you are considering a meal after the funeral or cemetery service, or before, our event center answers the question of, "Where can we have a family meal or gathering that isn't a public restaurant?". 

Sometimes families that choose to have an immediate cremation find it difficult to find a place for a celebration or reception. Our event center is perfect for hosting that to honor your loved one. This is a great option for your loved one who did not want a traditional service. 

Our event center can easily seat 100 people for a meal or accommodate up to 125 people for a more casual function. 
We allow you to arrange your own caterer or bring your own food. 

We also rent our event center out to the general public. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary party, luncheon, or club meeting, our event center is great place to get together. For price and any questions, please call us at 580-233-2700.